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Classified as "Historic Monument"
Unique in Europe! Visit a genuine Neolithic flint factory
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a modern, lively and interactive museum

The museum aims to be a place where you can find out about the prehistory of the Vercors, about the main stages of the human occupation of the plateau, always at the mercy of changes in climate, and about the different ways of life, from the hunter-gather period to that of farmers and pastoralists.

Watch, handle and learn
The permanent exhibition, ‘The human conquest of the Vercors’, presents the relationship between humans and a mountain area through six thematic areas. These combine presentation panels and objects displayed in glass cases. The whole way along you’ll be invited to handle prehistoric objects and view films on the making of fire and flint knapping. An illustrated timeline will help you see where you’ve reached and how this point relates to other times in prehistory.

aide à la visite


Self-guided : for individuals or groups

Visits accompanied by a guide : for groups of 15+ people – reservation needed.

For children, a worksheet to help them make their way round – which will earn them a certificate!


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Musée de la Préhistoire du Vercors - 26420 Vassieux en Vercors - France
Tél : 04 75 48 27 81 - Fax : 04 75 48 29 60 -
Musées de France parc du Vercors drome isere Rhone Alpes