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Classified as "Historic Monument"
Unique in Europe! Visit a genuine Neolithic flint factory

What you need to know
about the new Museum of the Prehistory of the Vercors
What’s the difference between the Museum of the Prehistory of the Vercors and a traditional museum? What’s special about it? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

A museum set in a natural environment

The permanent exhibition

The flint factory


Why build a museum in the middle of the forest?

Yes, it’s unusual! Most museums take the exhibits to the museum. Here, the museum was built over its principal exhibit.

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How does it fit into the landscape?


It’s built to resemble a large mountain chalet. The materials used (local wood - oak, pine and larch) and the choice of colour, favouring flint grey, help it to blend into the surrounding landscape. There are plenty of picnic sites nearby and footpaths leading from the museum into the surrounding woods, making it a great day out for the whole family.

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It opened 1970 – so why call it the New Museum of the Prehistory of the Vercors?

Because the building was enlarged and renovated in 2008. The permanent exhibition was completely renewed, and is presented in a lively way where you learn through doing – ensuring that learning is fun.

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Is the museum interactive? 

Yes, in two ways. Firstly, visitors get to handle prehistoric objects, so you can hold the actual tools used to strike flint. Secondly, you can ask the museum assistants during the knapping demonstration exactly what they’re doing. It’s more than just a museum – it’s a real centre for experimental work.



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Why is the flint factory classed as a national historic monument? How is it unique in Europe?

Thanks to its exceptional state of preservation. It was discovered intact, exactly as it had been left.

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What does the museum offer besides the self-guided visit?

The ‘animateurs’ or assistants are the museum’s guides, teachers and activity leaders. Their job is to pass on (in French) their knowledge to visitors throughout the year by:
• Guided visits (on reservation – minimum group size 15)
• Summer workshops for the whole family (in French) You’ll make a start at mastering the prehistoric skills of fire making, hunting, tool making and art
• Structured workshops throughout the year for school pupils (in French)
• A programme of cultural events – music, drama, art, lectures

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