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Classified as "Historic Monument"
Unique in Europe! Visit a genuine Neolithic flint factory

to the new Museum of the Prehistory of the Vercors


The museum is located in the National Regional Park of the Vercors on the site of a Neolithic flint factory. The site was used by specialist flint workers – flint knappers – up to 4,500 years ago. It was discovered in 1970, and is exceptionally well preserved. Its discovery led to the creation in 1980 of a first museum, which was classed as a national historic monument in 1983 and then became a Museum of France in 2002.
In 2005, as a result of an initiative by the Park authority and the Department of Conservation of the département of the Drôme, a project was set up to enlarge the museum and renew its layout. The goal was to bring to life 30 years of archaeological research in the Vercors.

The museum you see today has been completely redesigned. The simplified architectural style uses a lot of wood, so the building blends into the landscape.
The new layout of the collection is designed to be interactive. Six thematic areas throw light on the prehistoric occupation of the Vercors. The visit continues with a film, a chance to look at the site itself, and ends with a practical demonstration of flint knapping. The complete sequence of knapping involves breaking off the cortex or outer layers of a flint nodule to shape a core from which blades can be struck.
The visit will shed new light on the evolution of human beings and the way they adapt to and interact with their environment.
We wish you an enjoyable visit!

musee de la prehistoire de Vassieux en Vercors
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Musée de la Préhistoire du Vercors - 26420 Vassieux en Vercors - France
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